3D & 2D art progress.


ZBrush Doodle.

Just playing around with ZBrush. Specifically experimenting with the rotational options along the Z axis (or is it X?), depends on your perspective I guess.  😉 I didn’t have anything in mind when starting this. Just went wherever my mind wanted to go. I definitely want to do more “wandering” in the future.

Excuse the mess!

Hello everyone, uh, anyone? This is my first attempt at doing a true blog. I just started this so it’s going to take me some time to get settled in and feel comfortable. Little by little I’ll get everything cleaned up and looking just the way I want it to, then I’ll probably change it all.  Haha!

I’m an artist and do a lot of 2D work but have recently began learning a lot of 3D and started this blog to keep track of my progress. I think it’s also something that keeps my mind focused on making new things so I can share them with everyone. So you will see a lot of artwork posted here but I’m also a geek of many things and love to share my opinions and thoughts on various topics.

Another thing that I’m hoping this will help me out in is my writing ability. “Practice makes perfect” may not be accurate, but enough practice certainly makes for better, and that is what I’m shooting for. Just a constant overall improvement of myself in as many categories as I can accomplish.