3D & 2D art progress.


My new addiction.


While I’m still working on projects to post here I’ll be uploading these quick sketches often. Just found this app called Sketcher for android. Will be testing other apps as well when I come across any.

Look Ma’, no lights!

Here’s a few more Jeep renders. This is a no light set up that has luminant polys with global illumination turned on. I think I may have one light in here just because it softened the shadows slightly and I like that looked just a tad better.  But adding that light has almost zero effect on making this look the way it does (think I used it really low for a contact shadow). Since the Jeep isn’t complete I’ve tried to keep the angles to ones that don’t obviously show it’s unfinished state. However it’s plain to see through the glass and into the interior geometry as well as through to the other side. It will be great to get the interior finished so the hard top can come off. This is a very quick set up to do and get a pretty cool look fairly fast.

Jeep Composite.

A quick composite of my Jeep in an image that I thought I would share. It’s not perfect but it looks pretty cool for the time I put into it.

Secret Project

Here’s a project I just started working on this past evening. I’m just a few (or so) hours in at this point. This piece is for something that I can’t reveal just yet, but I am able to show it in its current state. Also working in ZBrush 4 for the first time. A lot of cool new things in this update as well as some 3.5 features that don’t seem to work (at least just yet). Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to make sure my silhouettes are looking good. It’s so easy to get hypnotized into the details of sculpting, all the while blinded to incorrect proportions or shapes/oddities.

Just to give a quick run down of the process so far. Once I got my idea I started a ZSphere rig. Created an Adaptive Skin and pretty much exclusively used FormSoft for most of this work with a little bit of Move/MoveElastic here and there. It’s pretty amazing how much work can get done with just a few brushes. I’ll be finishing this project up shortly and getting back to my Darkness model. The upper body is mostly all I need for what I’m creating and that was where most of the focus went. I haven’t been able to get my hands in this program in quite some time, but every time I do I seem to be getting better.

The Darkness WIP.

Here’s a couple quick screen grabs of a ZBrush project I’m working on. The Darkness is one of my favorite comic book character designs and is perfect for a ZBrush piece (as long as I pull it off decent enough). This is still very early and I put on some place holder hair real quick to see if my face is meeting the proper proportions. This character is a challenge in itself to sculpt because everyone draws him differently or hides areas of the body (mainly the back and legs). So coming up with a design for some of that stuff is going to be left up to me. There’s a couple awesome reference pieces out there but in the end I’ve decided to try and match Marc Silvestri’s original work from the original issues.

Side Note: I have most of these books in my collection but don’t currently have access to that collection. So I am going off of the limited reference that I could find on the net.

UPDATE: Just posting a quick update since I’ve had some free time to work on this some more. Still some proportion issues to work out between the overall look of the figure and the armor and details that will be added on. This has been quite a challenge trying to break down the character and interpret that into the best case scenario for ZBrush as well as other programs down the pipeline. Whatever comes of this in the end it will be a rewarding learning experience. Enjoy!

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited WIP.

It’s been way too long without posting some work. I recently started a project modeling a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited using Lightwave. My end goal at this time is to have a vehicle as realistic as I can manage to reproduce (both interior and exterior). Eventually animating it to produce a commercial type look. Not much to see here and I apologize for the image size. This will be moving along quickly so better images and posts are just around the corner. These screen grabs are of the back door on the Wrangler Unlimited with a close up on the doors handle.

Squid Character WIP.

I have been wanting to do some modeling involving tentacles for some time now (not sure why). I had multiple ideas of a squid character and here is the first iteration. Definitely needs some reworking plus I have some other ideas that seem to work in my head but not so much on paper. That’s one of the interesting challenges with creating things. There’s always that amazing mental image (or images) that you are trying to replicate as best as possible into whatever media you are using. Some things work great and others not so much. A great 2D piece may need a lot of changes to be equally as good in 3D. Another thing that I am huge on is researching. Knowing that I have a squid being integrated into the character design I had to research squids. Images were very important but also behaviors, defense, environments, etc. All of those things help fully flesh out my ideas and definitely create new and better additions that weren’t originally thought of. I can’t wait to see what this will eventually evolve and change into both in its 2D form and especially the 3D form.

Sure I want to just jump right in and start working on the 3D portion, but I know at it’s current state it’s just not ready and I will have spent a lot of time creating a cool looking yet extremely flawed character. I think that’s something that a lot of artists do, their excitement for one aspect over powers the necessity of a crucial preceding aspect. The end result looks great and shows off great execution as well as filling the artists need to do what they wanted to do (at that point in time), but what is left over is a generic snapshot that won’t have lasting appeal.