3D & 2D art progress.


Evolve CG Contest.

I haven’t posted in a while so here’s a big dump of stuff that I did for the Evolve CG contest that just ended. Sadly I wasn’t able to submit my most recent work to be judged because of some learning hurdles that I quickly…uh…hurdled within the day or two following the deadline. So while I’m bummed about not officially entering I’m not bummed over the amount of stuff that I learned.

The character still isn’t finished but I’m going to keep going back to this until I hit my concept art goal as well as play with some of the versioning I’ve done (and have in mind) with it. At worst I’ll have some spare parts to kit bash together at best I’ll have a few different version of a cool looking character AND kit bash pieces. 🙂 Character was created with ZBrush, Maya and a tiny bit of 3DS Max. As you can probably see I still need to get some sculpting done in ZBrush as this is mostly just modeling work.

The assignment was to create a Hero or Legend from any cultures Mythological stories. Mythology has never been one of my strong points in knowledge and while I am familiar with Greek Mythology it’s also the most overused. So on to research, and research, and more research. Until I finally reached the Norse Mythology. If you haven’t come across these original stories I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you give them a read. They are extremely original and creative  and they don’t pull ANY punches. So if your thing is unicorns and rainbows these stories may traumatize your for life.  With that warning aside I highly recommend checking them out.

If you’re interested in Tyr’s backstory here’s a couple of links. The cool thing about the Norse Mythology is that all of the characters connect to each other in some way so while researching one character you may find yourself going through the whole gamut of characters because of the complex and crazy relations. Things can be a bit confusing because of translations and different names and spellings of characters but in the end it’s worth sorting out.

Wikipedia North Germanic Tyr

The Lore of Tyr

If you read through that stuff you’ll know why he is missing a hand. I’m giving him a new right hand but in the form of the ribbon that binded Fenrir. I went with this techy looking style but still have the urge to go all Medieval as well as an alternative Tech Armor more like the Too Human video game art style. There’s still a ton more to talk about but I’ll save some of that for a future update.

This is a quick PlayBlast turntable from Maya: 

Here’s a linear look at how things progressed with the most current being at the top of this post. So while there’s a lot more work to do and a ton more learning I’m looking forward to it.