3D & 2D art progress.

Sketches (Female).

I needed to brush up on my female anatomy before jumping into the 3D portion of my Red Riding Hood piece. So I took the whole weekend to do nothing but draw and observe from reference all that is female. I wanted to post this compilation of a few sketches here, mainly because of a neat little trick that I stumbled upon. If you look at the sketch in the lower left I have a colored coded step by step area that really helps out when drawing this part of the body. I start off with the basic box shape of the hips. Divide that in half vertically, and horizontally about half to two thirds of the way down. That cross hair is approximately where the back starts to transition into the butt. If you draw an X from corner to corner you get another approximate area for the hip socket, where the femur goes into the hips. Lastly is just drawing the form that surrounds that understructure. The third image in that step by step is a duplicate of the second that is mirrored. You can see where the inner thigh areas overlap and creates a nice gap (not perfect but that works). You could also draw just a small semicircle on the bottom of your original trapezoid hip box for that same space.

I’m always trying to simplify anatomy into shapes that are easier to remember and faster to get down and be right. So while the above insight may not be perfect (or even correct) it’s an important part of the process to me. There’s no doubt that I’ll refine that as time goes on just as I have done to many other tricks of laying out the body.

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