3D & 2D art progress.

More Challenges!

With the Polycount BRAWL and Dominance War V competitions are wrapping up there’s two more competitions starting. So if you’re looking for something to do then check these out. For future competitions and challenges I’m going to make my best effort to post them here. Too many times I come across things that I would have participated in but with the deadline over or soon to run out. So getting more word out will possibly prevent someone from missing out on a great experience. I won’t get into the details of the competitions, just read them over. Both are very cool and have crazy lead times for the deadline.

3D Challenge: FREEDOM
Start: May, 4th 2011
Deadline: July, 4th 2011

CGHUB & ImagineFX present Bobby Chiu’s Fairy Tales Re-Imagined 2D & 3D Art Challenge
Start: May, 4th 2011
Deadline: August, 4th 2011

Every one of these challenges I have participated in have pushed my knowledge and skills further and further (in more categories than you would think). So I highly recommend giving them a shot. If you stay focused on your personal improvement your sense of accomplishment will be great when the deadline ends.

Also on a side note I’m testing out some different website styles (this may take a while). But I’m going to experiment until I get what I like. The visuals aren’t customized with this one as they were one my last style but that is also in the works. Have never been keen on links that don’t automatically open in a new tab or window which is what is currently happening. Adding that to the “To Figure Out” list. Edit: Figured out the link issue. Just some simple html to fix that. While researching this issue I came across this whole issue of proper etiquette on a link opening in the current window or an existing window. It’s my biggest pet peeve when I’m surfing and wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that I’m contributing to such a disliked function.

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