3D & 2D art progress.

Thinking Critically…

I was talking to a friend of mine today and he mentioned that “Perhaps you are over thinking this?”. The subject matter(s) that we were discussing is of little importance, but what is important was his assessment of my thought process. With everything I do and everything I create there is an almost OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) to my thinking behavior. Taking (seemingly) simple ideas or situations adding in ‘what ifs’ and ‘whys’ into the equation to get multiple end results has always been a part of me. Even when creating characters, their intentions and motivations, weapons, stories, (the list goes on) many questions are asked and even if something is very cool but it doesn’t fit the situation I feel compelled to reject for that project, character or situation.

On a related note I’ve been listening to a great podcast series on the gaming industry (Games Industry Mentor check it out here: http://gim.acanaday.com/ ), it’s very informative on many levels and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get into gaming or is curious about what the gaming culture is like. During Episode 17 one of the guest speakers mentions about someone being a ‘Critical Thinker’. It’s a term I hadn’t remembered or even heard of since some middle school or high school unmemorable class. So what do I do when I’m curious about something? Open up the search engine and start researching; I do this a lot even on little things that are deemed common knowledge (just for self-improvement and intellectual reinforcement).

Here’s the Wikipedia page on Critical Thinking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_thinking.

As I start to read over the Wiki it becomes clear that this is what I do and how I work, you could say it’s a way of life to a certain degree. While not a new term, re-finding this information and being able to recognize my traits and associate them with this term is something I think I’ve been searching for a while. It may sound odd, heck it’s a bit odd for me to even type this stuff for anyone to read but I feel stronger as an individual for finding this info and being able to connect myself with how I will best fit in this world. A lot of us do various things in life that we don’t like, or thought we would like but end up being miserable with. There’s a person that wants to really be good at being “A”  but will never be and is unknowingly amazing at “R” and a lot of times is stuck doing “N” for the meanwhile until “A” happens or “R” is realized. If you understood that – great, if not; it’s no big deal but I wanted to share it in either case. I can DEFINITELY say that the more you understand the principles and fundamentals (and beyond) of the Critical Thinking process then the more you will understand and know me. By the way, there’s a lot more resources out there on Critical Thinking if you’re more curious and it’s fascinating and endlessly valuable IMO. The search engine is right there. 🙂

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