3D & 2D art progress.

CG HUB Warriors Contest.

There’s a really cool contest over at cghub.com (http://cghub.com/blog/view/cghub-presents-warriors-an-autodesk-mudbox-challenge/). It’s a Mudbox “only” competition and is a good chance to broaden anyones software skills as well as a good opportunity to create a kick ass piece and show it off to the community. I have a pretty good grasp of ZBrush and am curious to see what I can pull off in Mudbox. The contest started back in October with a three month deadline, so if you’re coming across it now you’re going to have to hunker down and make the best use of your time. My Warrior character is a concept I created for a comic book idea many years ago. Now that I’m able to create in 3D this gives me a chance to convert 2D projects and works into the 3D realm.

Already I have come across translation issues where something works perfectly fine in 2D but breaks down when made in 3D (when trying to exactly match reference). When working between the two mediums things really have to be thought out and spelled out much more; and when they’re not, a aesthetic (and sometimes functional) look must still be created. These are older drawings that show the original concepts that came to mind. I have more revised and refined versions that I may post later but for now this is pretty much the core concept. I have a very clear mental picture of what my final piece is going to look like and that is what I’m shooting for. I think it’s always a good idea to have that vision in your head, you don’t always get there but having such a bad ass target in your sites surely makes for a better piece in the end. I started on the sword already but haven’t had a chance to get a decent render. More to come…

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