3D & 2D art progress.

Secret Project

Here’s a project I just started working on this past evening. I’m just a few (or so) hours in at this point. This piece is for something that I can’t reveal just yet, but I am able to show it in its current state. Also working in ZBrush 4 for the first time. A lot of cool new things in this update as well as some 3.5 features that don’t seem to work (at least just yet). Lately I’ve been making a conscious effort to make sure my silhouettes are looking good. It’s so easy to get hypnotized into the details of sculpting, all the while blinded to incorrect proportions or shapes/oddities.

Just to give a quick run down of the process so far. Once I got my idea I started a ZSphere rig. Created an Adaptive Skin and pretty much exclusively used FormSoft for most of this work with a little bit of Move/MoveElastic here and there. It’s pretty amazing how much work can get done with just a few brushes. I’ll be finishing this project up shortly and getting back to my Darkness model. The upper body is mostly all I need for what I’m creating and that was where most of the focus went. I haven’t been able to get my hands in this program in quite some time, but every time I do I seem to be getting better.

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